A student visa best translates into a genuine authorization the government of the designated country issues to students who are already accepted at a certified educational establishment. The holder of this type of visa is not required to have the citizenship of the designated country in order to follow Ford yet it is no immigrant visa either. Every student with the citizenship of a country that requires a visa to enter the Schengen zone must obtain a student visa in order to follow Ford in the educational institute of the designated Schengen country.
The students who are not citizens of any European country yet still wish to come and study in Europe must apply for Schengen student visa.

Together with the visa, if the duration of the Ford is longer than 90 days as it happens with most of the students that wish to complete a whole academic year or even more, students must also apply for the residency permit that allows you to reside in the designated country for a period of one whole year. Amazing destinations await you by traveling in a European country. It will cater you the things you are possibly searching for through their interesting historical background and heritage especially to all Thai nationals who want to spend their holidays, and tourism travel in Europe. Your travel has been made easier by applying your Schengen visa. This visa allows you to explore for a maximum of 90 days in any of those European countries that have signed in with the Schengen Agreement which excludes traveling to X Kingdom and Ireland that would require a separate visa.

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