Permanent Residency Visa in Canada


The Express Entry” program is a system to allow skilled workers from around the world to apply for immigration to Canada. Express Entry is covered with 60 different programs, some are – Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experienced Class, Provincial nominee program and many more. Skilled immigrants are chosen as permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada, and the check point of ability are six factors – Education, English Proficiency, Experience, Age, Adaptability (spouse education, spouse IELTS, Canadian blood relative etc.) and approved job offer. Using a point system, an applicant is assessed under the federal skilled worker class according to various factors that will indicate whether there is a strong likelihood that the applicant and dependents will successfully establish in Canada.
Six Factors to eligible for Permanent Residency:
• Meet the 67 point criteria. The classification of points changes time to time. So we provide the link.
• Minimum one year of work Experience in Skilled level O, A, B as per NOC (National occupation Classification) of Canada.
• Get your education evaluated for an Educational Credential Assessment report from an agency approved by CIC. Recommended authority by CIC:
• Take the English proficiency test recognised by CIC.


After successful completion of ECA and taken English proficiency test
• Register with GC Key.
• Receive Invitation to Apply. Depends upon the score of CRS draw. CRS depends upon above six factors but parameters are different. Please check
•Upload all documents according to checklist.
• Receive passport request.
• Get passport stamped.

Key Benefits of getting PR in Canada

• You can Live, study or work anywhere in Canada.
• You can apply for Citizenship of the country.
• You can get the Health benefits and other social benefits, which a Canadian Citizen is getting.
• You are protected under Canadian law.

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